Thank You

Thank you to everyone in Franklin County and Alburgh that voted to return me to the Senate for another term.   I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your confidence in me.

Thank you to all of those who volunteered and worked to make this victory possible.  Thank you to those whose financial support provided the fuel to support the mailings, messaging and advertising that is essential in modern campaigns.  Thank you to those of my fellow GOP candidates whose support made this a team effort.  Thank you for the 80 people who manned our call center (pictured above) on Election Day.

Thank you to the St. Albans Messenger, the County Courier and the Islander that each provided critical coverage so that the public could evaluate the candidates.  Thank you to the newspapers that asked us to answer a series of tough weekly questions.  Thank you to the groups that sponsored debates and forums that allowed citizens to hear candidates’ views and thank you for public access television that dutifully recorded our exchanges.

Thank you to our opponents, each of whom ran a civil campaign that was respectful and focused on the issues. 

I’m so grateful that in Vermont we can have a political race that exposes differences in policy, approaches and positions, but without the name-calling, rancor and divisiveness that we see elsewhere. 

Now that the voters have spoken, it’s time for me to roll up my sleeves and go to work!